The technology of a "Webfarm" flows from our philosophy about building strong, flexible, extensible systems that are able to grow and evolve with business requirements without the disruption of large scale reengineering. You may be familiar with the term "server farm" as a group of servers running services that are arrayed in a manner to provide maximum performance, reliability and security. This approach to service infrastructure — ensuring that there is no single point of failure — is an essential part of how we select and deploy technology for our services.

We are able to deploy a range of protocols and technologies in order to lace together disparate information sources to provide the coherent and unique view of your information that will allow you to continue to evolve your company. In addition to the standard web technologies and application services, we work with message oriented middleware (MOM) technologies to automate all sorts of services involving interaction of many different types of systems and contexts. That is the beauty of the web and one of the things that drew us toward web development more than fifteen years ago. The ability to present a coherent set of information from many sources in order to get a new perspective on your company's business. That may seem trivial or obvious, but this flexibility and granularity is unique and powerful.