Webfarm is a company, a philosophy, and a technology.

As a company, Webfarm, Inc. has been developing network services and applications since 1995. Our technology and philosophy have provided measureable results for our clients in evolving client support services, business to business communication and client support services.
Webfarm developed a system for DuPont that streamlined their warranty registration and fullfillment system and increased the quality and coverage of their customer and distributor information.
Hewlett Packard Hard Copy Marketting Division evolved their online product demonstration capabilities with technology and services from Webfarm. The quality of information available to end-users was improved and the logistics of providing resellers with marketting collateral was made more responsive and efficient with a print-on-demand services developed by Webfarm.
In addition to these examples, Webfarm has delivered reliable, secure, extensible services for clients in Healthcare, Museum Information and Arts clients. We have participated in standards and regulatory activities in these areas in order to increase the interoperability and value of network services.

For more information, contact Larry Mills-Gahl at 917-439-5619 or lmg at webfarm dot com.